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The Career Foundations STEM Programme

Find the right people to build your business. 

The STEM Project can provide your business with trained, highly motivated candidates, equipped with relevant skills to succeed in the your sector. 

Make a transformative difference to your business with the right people

Our offer to you

An overview

Understanding your needs:
We will work with you to really understand what you need from your new recruits and we’ll link you up to a talent pool of people that you’d never reach any other way.
Fully funded programme:
Career Foundations is funded by the Greater London Authority and the European Social Fund to give businesses access to motivated candidates with relevant skill sets.
Expert training:
Our industry-leading, job-focused training programme equips candidates with confidence and the relevant skills in the STEM sector to make a real impact in your organisation.
Robust selection process:
Working closely with you to understand your requirements. We will pre-screen and shortlist candidates from across London and perfectly match them to your company.

Access highly motivated Londoners with the right skills

Find the right people

We pride ourselves on our people. Delivering award-winning training to bring out the best in our candidates.

Have questions for us?


Here to answer your questions


Who will be my point of contact?

As an employer, you will have a dedicated account manager to work with you to understand your business requirements and best select suitable candidates. 


What makes your candidates right for us?

We work with candidates for up to two years before matching them to your vacancies. During this time, we deliver award-winning training to ensure they are fully prepared for your business. 


Do you provide ongoing support post placement?

Yes,  the candidate’s work coach will remain with them once they start in your employment, to ensure their skills continue to develop and the placement is successful.


What does this initiative cost us as a company?

Nothing. This is a government funded programme. 

Trained candidates at no cost to you

Government funded

An opportunity to build your business with highly motivated, skilled individuals

Funded by the European Social Fund, Greater London Authority and delivered by us, this Career Foundations programme is an opportunity for you to help people in your community who have been adversely affected by COVID, take their first steps towards a fulfilling career in the STEM field.

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If you would like to talk to us about the Career Foundations STEM programme, please enter your details below and we will get in touch.


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If you would like to talk to us about the Career Foundations programme, please enter your details below and we will get in touch.