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The Career Foundations Programme

Helping young people to get the work experience to land the perfect role.

We provide an 8-week programme which offers young people the opportunity to undertake first-rate training and a guaranteed job interview in a field of their choice. With support from our nurturing team, they’ll gain new skills and access to job opportunities to build their career.

The support we offer will:

This programme is part of the Government’s National Youth COVID Recovery Programme. It is delivered at no cost to participants.

Award-winning one to one training

Work with exciting and innovative companies

We have a range of exciting jobs available for candidates – including but not limited to events, marketing, construction, hospitality, film production, data analysts and technology development.  

Candidates will benefit from: 


Guaranteed job interview


Professional CV and interview coaching


Two-week hands on experience in a sector of their choice


Support to pass Maths and English qualifcations


Increased confidence to move forward with a new career


Support of a professional coach throughout the programme

Giving young people the opportunities they deserve

Who can we help?

If you are working with young people who are


then we would love to help you to help them get on the ladder.

A programme that is tailored to each individual's needs and ambitions

How does the programme work?

Shaping the pathway to success

Candidates will join a flexible programme. They will work one to one with an expert career coach to perfect their skills for work over four to six weeks.

When they’re ready, they’ll begin a two week work trial within a sector of their choice; this is their opportunity to display their qualities and secure a job offer.

Exciting opportunities across a range of sectors

Current opportunities

View a handful of our available job descriptions below:

We celebrate our differences by understanding that each person’s preferences won’t be the same as someone else’s. That is why we work with thousands of employers across a range of job sectors to secure a placement that ticks the box for each individual.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? 

Don’t worry; we have new opportunities everyday that our team can explore with your referrals. 

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