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The Career Foundations STEM Programme

Helping people to get the qualifications and experience to land their perfect role.

The Career Foundations STEM programme supports Londoners to find their perfect Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths role. Through a combination of training to acquire the necessary qualifications, and job support from one-to-one mentors, we can help Londoners take that first step towards a fulfilling career in STEM.

The support our team offers will: 

This programme is part of the Government’s COVID Recovery Programme. It is delivered at no cost to participants.

Giving new options to Londoners

Working with the most exciting and innovative companies across London

We have a range of career opportunities available across Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. All of which are looking for the right people to join their business.


High quality training linked to real jobs in the STEM sector.


Increased confidence to move forward with their career


Support of a professional coach throughout your programme


Support to gain a Maths qualification


Professional CV and interview coaching


Access to hundreds of STEM vacancies

We're here to make a difference for Londoners

Who can we help?

If you are working with people who are

then we would love to help you to help them get on the ladder.

Bespoke journeys suited to each individual

Tailored pathways

We celebrate diversity.

We understand that everyone is unique and as a result have different goals they’d like to achieve. That is why our programme is bespoke to each individual. Whether their end goal is finding a rewarding job in the STEM sector or they’d like assistance in moving into higher education, our committed team will ensure their needs are fulfilled to progress the way they want to. 

Find your regional Partnership Performance Manager

Your point of contact

If you would like to get involved, please contact our Partnership Performance Manager:


Award-winning one to one training


We hope we’ve answered any questions below. If not, please get in touch by completing the form at the bottom of this page. 


Who is eligible for a place?

Age 16-24 years and are not in education, employment or training.

Age 25+ who are unemployed or economically inactive.

Age 50+.


Will you provide candidates with any equipment?

Yes, if they do not have access to a computer or internet we can help provide them with the equipment they need to join the programme. 


What qualification will candidates achieve?

We will work with candidates to achieve up to a level 2 in maths. We can also provide them with an ICDL level 3.

We also work with external partners for other qualifications to meet their needs. 


How will the mentor support candidates during the programme?

Our Coaches are experts who really understand the issues faced in today’s job market. They will work with candidates to restore confidence and support them throughout the programme.


Who do candidates go to if they have a complaint or safeguarding concerns?

At the onboarding stage of the programme we will go through our internal procedures and policies so they know what to do should a problem arise.

Contact us

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